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Hiking and Geocaching

There are several nice hiking trails in Millbury.  A couple of them are:

  • Davidson Sanctuary – town-owned bird sanctuary, nature trails, approx. 30 acres of upland off of West Main St.
  • Deering Wildlife Management Area – 214 Riverlin St. A 182-acre estate owned by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and
    Wildlife ; buildings burned, foundations remain; trail remnants remain.
  • Butler Farm – On Singletary Ave.  Approx. 50 acres, town purchased in 1999. Fruit trees, community gardens, view of Singletary Pond. Land includes small parcel adjacent to pond Trail map made from data collected by the 2009/10 Tiger Cub of Pack 108
  • Little Dorothy – Little Dorothy Pond is hydrologically linked to the main water body of Dorothy Pond but separated by a narrow land mass carrying Riverlin Street across a dam. The town, through the Parks and Recreation Committee, owns several parcels on the east shore: a 4-acre town-owned parcel off MacArthur Drive which has frontage on Dorothy Pond and two town parcels totaling approximately 23 acres, which contain and surround Little Dorothy Pond.  The abandoned railroad right-of-way that separates Big and Little Dorothy Pond is owned by the state and is under the control of the Department of Transportation and Construction. It is informally used by Millbury residents for fishing, bicycling and walking. There are the foundations of an ice house by the pond near Gover Road.
  • Colton Rd. Conservation Area – 53.5 acre parcel, owned by the Conservation Commission. Located east of Dorothy Pond and south of Colton Rd.; forested hills bisected by two power line right-of-ways; provide some habitat diversity and walking opportunities. The site has no developed trails or other facilities.

Bike Paths

  • Scenic Road Bylaw designated roads –  Stowe, Stone, Federal Hill. Others to be considered for designation include: Braney Rd., Miles St., Prospect St., Davis Rd. (W. Millbury), S. Oxford Rd., Millbury Ave., Dwinell Rd., Auburn Rd., McCracken Rd., Colton Rd.
  • Blackstone Valley Bike Path – Right now the segment which is done in Massachusetts is about 2 1/2 miles. It starts at the Blackstone Valley Shoppes exit off of Route 146 in Millbury, MA. The parking lot is on the east side of that exit, immediately on the right. See for more information and a map.

Over the years several Dens have placed Travel Bugs out and watched them go around the country and world.  Going geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt.  Geocaches can be found all over Millbury.  To find out more info about geocaching go to

  • This Bangel Tiger Travel Bug was placed into action by the 2008/2009 Tiger Cubs from Pack 108 in Millbury, MA, USA. Its goal is to travel around the world and meet scouts from many different packs and troops.  He can be tracked at


  • This Bobcat Travel Bug was placed into action by the 2008/2009 Tiger Cubs from Pack 108 in Millbury, MA, USA.  He’s in a competition with his brother TB, AKELA, to see how far he can travel and how many fellow Scouts he can meet!


  • Akela was launched by the Wolf Den Scouts of Pack 108 in Millbury, MA in Nov. 2006. Akela wishes to meet as many Cub Scouts and attend as many Scouting events as it can throughout New England and across the country. The Scouts will track its travels and learn about the places it visits.  Seems to have gone missing :(.

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